Posted by: Beirne | February 7, 2011

A Tribute from Jennifer Pooley


  1. Even though i did not know Steven personally!!! i would often talk to my sister Jane Szoch about Stevens illness and of his strong faith in the lord. Such a remarkable young man. My heartfelt condolences go out to Stevens family and pray that God will grant them his almighty grace to comfort them in this time of pain and sorrow. God bless, Michael A. DiPaolo

  2. Stephen is a remarkable man. I say IS a remarkable man because he is more alive than ever with the Lord. He is heroic and an inspiration to every one that knows him. A kind and passionate spirit and full of love. The few times he was at our house with my children were joyaous and so much fun. We will miss him, but what a joyous gathering it will be when we see him again. Much love, prayers and blessings to the entire Beirne family for their steadfast love, and valiant support as Stephen struggled through his illness. What an example of family love!

    Gus Frangos

  3. Esteban , Esteban, Esteban i have been thinking of you so much for the last weeks, i just found out because i came to your facebook page, i am so sorry you are not with us anymore. I will always remember you in fact i am sure you are around helping and protecting me since i felt your presence all this days. Hope you loving family is ok, the best under the circunstances. I am sorry you could,’t go back to Galicia, or did you? Probably you are in a ever more beautiful place now than Galicia, although it is difficult to imagine it. God has to have you with him, thank you for letting me know you even just a little. Lo siento Esteban siento mucho que hayas tenido una vida tan corta y tan dura, siento mucho que no puedas crecer para convertirte en el adulto fantastico que todos pudimos ver hubieras llegado a ser. Mi amor y mejores deseos para ti y para tu familia, quienes estoy segura te echan mucho de menos. Te quiero Esteban, cuidame desde el cielo. Besos

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