Posted by: Beirne | February 23, 2011


Beirne Family,

I wanted to write a quick note to tell you some of the memories I have with Stephen from when we were just young little guys together. I remember those carefree elementary school days with Stephen fondly, playing basketball in the driveway, mashing video game buttons in the living room, goofing around in the basement, or hanging out with Greg occasionally in the upstairs bedrooms and both of us thinking he was cool and wise (which he undoubtedly is). Stephen’s kind heart and quick smile made him a wonderful companion for me in those days, and I only wish that we could have spent more time together playing, laughing, and growing.

            Hearing news of Stephen’s cancer several years ago was heartbreaking for me, and it was hard to imagine the vibrant friend I had come to appreciate so much transitioning into a time of hardship. I knew that many difficult days would come for him as he received care and treatment. However, I also sensed that through his trial, Stephen would certainly minister to those around him in a powerful and unique way. I want you all to know that I firmly believe he did that and so much more, and I have immense respect and admiration for him. With unwavering confidence in the love and sovereignty of Christ, Stephen defied the expectations of most and I’m sure his tenacity and resolve baffled many people in the best possible way.

I thought of and prayed for Stephen often, and at every update I received I was awed at the way he continued to turn to prayer and Scripture for his strength. I think that his life was a wonderful picture of what it looks like for us to be faithful to God as his people and children. Undoubtedly, Stephen knew what it was like to be close to God, and in that way he provided a model that all of us can absolutely learn from and follow. I thank the Lord for Stephen’s life, and I cannot wait to be reunited with my brother in Christ one glorious day!


Joel Parrish


  1. Thank you for all that you have done for those who have had the honor of knowing you, Stephen. I remember all of the good times that we had at Hornung Elementary, building block houses in the hallway, discussing projects in class, inventing new games at recess. It was a privilege to be your friend, and to be able to share those early school years with you. You have been a tremendous role model for us all – always kind, always generous, and always strong – and you will continue to be with us. Godspeed, Stephen, and thank you.

  2. Hey man it’s Tyler just wanna say it was a pleasure of mine rubbing shoulders with you be it the classroom or the basketball court, I’m a better person for having met you and your family. People like you are the real heroes on this earth not the military guys I just wanna say thanks for a great few years dude I will read your books an…d I promise one day when our paths cross again in heaven I’ll give u a full report! Do me a favor and put in a good word with the big man for me
    Much love brother

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